Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrift Store Junkies Finds From Last Week

Thrift Store Junkies Finds From Last Week

Hello Thrifters, and glad to have you visiting Thrift Store Junkies page. Sorry sorry sorry....I have been a bit behind with some of my blog pages, and I apologize for that. Ever since the computer did it's thing couple weeks ago I am still catching up on some things. For items I offer for sale I have had to pull things back out, and do pictures all over again. I thought I was ahead by doing some of the pictures, putting them into the files for the shops I wanted to list with, and then boom! Just like that they have gone off to another place I cannot find them/get to them:( 

Anyway, I have been itching really bad to get some thrifting done. I have been a very very good girl not doing any thrifting, or hardly any of it to speak of. I figured I don't have the room, still got a lil bit of painting to finish, I need more room to craft with, and.....since I have to pack eventually I figured it was all good that I try to hold off. Well....the thrifting fever with the weather, and all has hit me. I stopped at one place called the Missions place my bestest friend introduced me to. I found some little glass pieces to add with things I have at home, and hopefully finish off those being waited to complete. I walked out with 2 envelope boxes, and 2 bags full as you can see. I spent what...$10? for all of it, and have been happy with what I can do with them now too. It is hard to see, but off to the right side I did find a kenneth cole leather planner that is in a like new condition for $1, and that wooden piece you see that resembles a actually a wooden vent. Very good condition, and I see about you?:)

Hope all are ready for the weekend, and this coming Holiday of celebrations. I wish you all well, be safe, enjoy, and have some fun!! Thanks for visiting Thrift Store Junkies, and see you all again soon!:) 

Friday, June 15, 2012

See Ecrater For Vintage Collectibles and Thrifting Items

Visit Ecrater For Vintage Collectibles and Thrifting Items. 

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Thrift Store Junkies! I wanted to drop a little note to you all. When you are out roaming the internet this weekend stop by to see some of the inventory I have slowly been adding that I have found from Thrifting. At Ecrater I just listed some vintage blue glass birds figurines paper weights, an adorable pink stoneware creamer and sugar bowl set, and some other little treasures too. Visit to see the pictures, and the details of the different items too. 

Any big plans for the weekend? Nothing real exciting here. I have thought about hitting the next town over, and maybe checking out some items in her store. Or, maybe heading into good will at another town too. Wake up, and see where the day takes me, right?:)

Thanks for visiting, and sharing your time with Thrift Store Junkies. Great seeing you here, and make sure to visit again soon. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies Collectors Junkers Thrifters

Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies all Collectors, Junkers, Thrifters, and Hunters of Treasures! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and was able to do some thrifting too. I wish I could have - long story, but I had some computer issues, and would not let it go till I got something worked out I could handle, or live with. 

Before I forget I would like to mention about a little social group I found that is slowly growing, I have joined with under the name of LilacsNDreams of course, and has a neat idea they are working with too. Vintage Rising - Giving Pieces of the Past a Brand New Life. This group started out with other sellers, and collectors showing some of their vintage pieces that they repurpose, and upcycle. There are those there who offer some vintage supplies too. Since they started they have added in another category that I find quite fun, and enjoyable which is called Thrift Store Alley. How neat is that? With this category you can show your finds of Thrift Stores whether they be used, or almost new too. Fabulous idea, and concept that is growing, and for others to go to. 

Remember, it is still young, but I have been slowly watching it grow. I think you should stop by to give it a look, and better yet join up to participate with them too. Share a little bit, learn a little bit, make some new friends, and have some fun too. 

Thanks for sharing you time with Thrift Store Junkies today, and hope to see you visiting again soon. Take care, have fun, and Happy Thrifting Everyone!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Thrifting Tuesday Bloggers and Blogland

Happy Thrifting Tuesday Bloggers and Blogland! Ok, we got through the weekend, and can't wait for it to happen again. Till then the week will seem like an eternity before Friday is here. Soooo....a Thriftin we shall go!

Any thrifting this weekend? Let's see Monday a horrid day now done. We are getting out doing things again, so has anyone done any thrifting today? I am home attempting to work on our property getting it mowed. Battery went bad this weekend. Early start to Monday with car into car dealer, picked up rental, and on way home was gonna do some thriftin...but did not get that done. Hopefully when I go back up there this week I will take some time to hit a couple of stores I like to shop with. 

Salvation Army, and St Vincents are a couple of stores I do not mind shopping at. Their prices are still fairly reasonable, and I can usually find pieces to either offer for resale, or better yet to repurpose with! I have a picture in mind of a piece I would like to make....before summer gets over with. So far have not found a piece I have in mind. Hopefully I can find something to work with this week yet. I will show pics later, and let ya know what it is when I can get there with it. 

I know, it is just Tuesday, and you are asking if it is Friday yet. Hang in there! It will soon be here. Hey, at least it is not Monday anymore...LOL:)

Ya'll take care, and Happy Thrifting! Thanks so much for sharing your time with Thrift Store Junkie! Come visit again soon. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Have a Puurfect Weekend Thrift Store Junkies

Have a Puurfect Weekend you Thrift Store Junkies! Enjoy, and may it be an abundance of treasures found for you!

Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies for LilacsNDreams. So, how was your memorial weekend? Did you enjoy it all, and was it all you wanted it to be? Did anyone find any good sales with some wonderful treasures found. 

I had been out on Friday of the weekend, and stopped with a couple of places. One yard sale, and a big rummage sale too. But, needless to say I did not find anything to catch my eye, and say buy me, buy me. It happens sometimes. But, it was a descent day out then, and I was able to get my fix of thrifting going into the weekend. Weather is much better today, and would be a great day to go digging. Might not be able to with schedules of things today. Where there is a will, there is a way, and hopefully I can squeeze in some thrifting time some where. Otherwise maybe tomorrow too. Whole day to myself, no running around, no chasing anyone around, and.......Hmmmm....see what it brings for me. 

Hoping ya'll have a Wonderful Thrifting Weekend! Thanks for sharing your time with Thrift Store Junkies, and see you again soon. Take care, and Happy Thrifting!