Friday, September 7, 2012

Green Glass Swirl Vase Pink Ceramic Sugar and Creamer Mikasa Moods

Green Glass Swirl Vase, Pink Ceramic Sugar and Creamer, Mikasa Moods cups and saucers are all listed with my shop at Ecrater

Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies, and glad to see you all here. Don't you just love thrifting? You never know what you might find. Some days when I am not in the mood to thrift I will still stop some where. After walking in the store, looking around a little bit, I start to walk around the store more too. It does not take me long, and I can feel the mood changing to becoming interested in some pieces, and wanting to look more. These 3 pictures are items I had found on different occasions while thrifting by myself, or with a friend too. I enjoy looking at everything being offered, but also am selective with pieces I have chosen to bring home too. Many of the pieces I can find in really good condition, and some are like new too!

Hope ya'll had a super Labor Day Weekend! Did you get any shopping done with some unforseen treasures? I didn't do any shopping this past weekend. I have enough pieces here to keep me busy for a while actually. Right now I have some pieces glued, drying, and another piece I am adding some lace too. 

Visit Ecrater some time to see what I have listed there, what is being offered, and know that there is more coming. Working on combining most of everything into one place:)

Thanks so much for visiting with Thrift Store Junkies, and sharing your time with Me. Take care, have a wonderful weekend, and hope to see you again soon.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Safe and Happy Labor Day to Everyone

Safe and Happy Labor Day to Everyone!

Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies, and glad to have you stopping by everyone. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, enjoyable, and safe Labor Day! Enjoy all the festivities today with parades, grilling out, cook outs, parades, family, friends, and whatever it is you will be doing today. Wishing you all safe travels as you go your paths today for the festivities, and for the return home as well. 

Thanks for visiting with Thrift Store Junkies today. Take care, and see you all again soon.

                    Happy Labor Day!!!