Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome Fellow Thrifters and Treasure Hunters

Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies all you fellow treasure hunters! Glad to have you stopping by to visit with Me!

What is the weather like in your area? Here is it cold, had just a light drop of snow, and this weekend sounds like maybe it could be nasty. Urgh! I sooo wish I lived some where warmer so that I could get out more to do some thrifting, and finding things. I have been putting a few more pieces together at home with what I have here in my "stash" Soon I would like to also get some other things to work on as well. Plus, I enjoy the fun of thrifting, and searching for pieces too. 

Christmas will soon be here. Is everyone ready for it? I did the decorations outside, and inside our home by myself this year. I just took my time doing it, and got it done. Not completely where I wanted it to be, but it is definitely better than what I had done last year which was nothing. So, anything is better than nothing right?

Next week family will start coming home for the holidays, and we are going to celebrate christmas about 2 days earlier to help accommodate with all of the schedules for everyone. Our son is off to army basic training, and I will pick him up at the airport on Thursday. On Friday our daughter, and our grand baby will be leaving TX to come home for just a few days. My husband's sister will be here with her fiance along with my sister, and her family too. 

I have a mess in the house! I keep going through things, laying things out, boxing things up to donate, creating some pieces, clean my messes up, and then it happens again!...LOL:) Along with the messes I am working on making more room for everyone that will be here as well. So, much to do, and this weekend I have plans to get more of it done. My time is also starting to get shorter before everyone is here, and I need to get with it, and get her done!:)

Hope this finds all of you doing well, being able to do some for the Christmas season, and of course having fun with it too. Ya'll take care, and come back to visit again soon. Toodles.......