Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wishing Everyone Happy St Patricks Day

Wishing Everyone Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope ya'll are having a super weekend. Be green, and have a super day all!:)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Have a Happy Cheerful Friday and Weekend

Have a Happy Cheerful Friday Everyone!

Hi there, and Welcome to Thrift Store Junkies! Glad to have you dropping by here.

So many things have happened since I was last here, and much of it has been with family. Things are finally calming that a person can come up to breathe a bit too. 

I cannot wait till we are rid of all the snow, and spring is officially here! It's coming, it has been warming a bit, still not fully here, and am patiently waiting. Once spring hits I have Thrifting fever big time, start watching paper for different sales, and it is sooo much more enjoyable to drive to different towns & places to go digging for things too. Soon I will be making sure the care is all cleaned out, and everything is out of the way to give me room to put things there found. 

So, what do you like to thrift for? I enjoy finding vintage collectibles, home decor, items once loved to use with repurposing and upcycling, and just a little bit of this n' that too. Do a little treasure hunting, open windows, get out the glues, mod podge, open the garage door to do some painting, etc. I sure wish it was pleasant weather all year long to do this, but I guess I would have to move to enjoy that too. 

Well everyone it was great seeing you all again! If you feel like roaming a bit make sure to visit some of my other pages with my Blog too. The main page is LilacsNDreams which you can visit from clicking here, or using one of the tabs at the top here too. 

Thanks for visiting with Thrift Store Junkies. Don't be a stranger, and stop back to visit again soon. I wish you all well with all of your thrifting adventures. Take care, and see you again soon. Toodles! . . . . .